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Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar and all its derivatives have been shown to be twice as addictive as cocaine in laboratory rats. MRI studies have proven for a similar effect to happen with humans as well.

An appetite stimulant, devoid of any nutritional value is, with few exceptions, in the top 3 to 4 ingredients of any packaged food, has become public enemy number one for the obesity epidemic in this country. It sits in the number two position for most inflammatory foods.

It’s ability to grossly deregulate insulin levels in your blood stream, makes it nearly impossible to access stored body fat for energy.

Desensitizing your body to sugar can be challenging. Most people will be able to ween themselves over a 3 day period. The detoxification process can also trigger flu-like symptoms and headaches, but you’ll leave the experience with greater levels of energy and clearer thought.

Take Away:

Get off your sugar kick. The supplement Gymnema will be talked about in a future email to help you if you are still struggling.

Your Sugar Addiction | Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center