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Workshops at Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Stress Management: Boosting Your Health Potential and Reducing Stress

Identify the differences between physical, emotional and chemical stress, gain a better understanding of how stress affects your health, and open your mind to learning natural and effective ways to combat stress.

Back Safety and Injury Prevention: Secrets to a Healthy Back

Up to 80% of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. Learn how to avoid back injuries by significantly increasing safety at home and on the job, and drastically reducing the risk of injury by understanding how lifting and posture affects your health.

Peak Performance: The Six Facets of Health

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning feeling motivated and full of energy, excited to tackle all the day has to offer? Stretching & exercise, good posture, proper nutrition, restful sleep, a positive attitude and a balanced spine are the key components to staying healthy & feeling great.

Growing Healthy Children

Raising healthy children in these times can be a challenge for even the best parents. Learn concrete solutions for keeping your child healthy and little known secrets to strengthen their immune system.

Stay Fit While You Sit

If you sit on the job then you may not know how to best reduce the strain you’re putting on your body. Increase your productivity by minimizing the stress created by poor posture and by creating an “ergonomically correct” workstation that properly utilizes the workspace.

Headaches: A Real Pain in the Neck

It’s not all in your head and drugs aren’t always the answer. Different kinds of headaches come from different sources, so learning how to find the causes of your headaches can help you know how to prevent them.

*We are also available to provide free Spinal Screenings for health fairs and other wellness events. A Spinal Screening is a non-invasive spinal evaluation done by an expert to detect any problems that have not yet resulted in obvious symptoms.

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