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Why is this the right choice for you?

Dr. Ken Keyes, a geneticist at Stanford, has studied the genetic make up of cultures all around the world. He has found that there is greater genetic diversity between two tribes people in Africa than there is in the rest of the world combined.

100,000 years ago there were over 6 different subspecies of humans in Africa, all interbreeding and creating a deep genetic pool of diversity. Using Dunbar’s Number, an estimate of the maximum number of social interactions primates and humans can successfully have, and the lack of diversity of the people of the world outside of Africa, scientists estimate that as little as 150 homo sapiens left Africa to populate the rest of the world.

This means that there is a high probability that because this has worked for so many other people, that it will work for you as well.

Today is all about listening to the body and what it needs.

Your ultimate goal is how do you do more activity with fewer calories, something called caloric efficiency. Today you will steer away from the regimented, ?gluttonous ways of our culture and become flexible and adaptable with your eating schedule. Use the “WHEN” principle, which stands for When Hunger Ensues Naturally or until energy levels dwindle slightly. Let’s call it preparation for intermittent fasting (the ultimate practice of caloric efficiency).

Once your hunger cues kick in, enjoy a delicious primal meal, eating enough to feel satisfied but not full. If your belly starts cuing you mid-morning and you’re at work, grab a quick snack to hold you off until lunch. Be sure your snack is from the list of recommended snacks. You need to kick the sugar habit and start enjoying healthy fat alternatives. Avoid overeating by asking yourself, “am I really hungry for another bite, or have I had enough?”

Go about your day until you again notice hunger sensations, cravings, or diminished energy that requires calories. Enjoy a delicious primal lunch or snack, then repeat the process in the evening. This exercise will help strengthen your intuitive eating habits and prepare you for the intermittent fasting challenges coming later, when you are more fat-adapted.

Lifestyle – Standup Work Station: If you are an office worker or otherwise work for long periods while seated, purchase a standing up/sit down desk. Your greatest benefit will come by spending time in both the standing and seated position (check out a Kangaroo or Versadesk).

Each position, in and of themselves has their inherent shortcomings. If finances are an issue, it can be as simple as grabbing a few reams of paper, some file boxes, or anything else handy to elevate the keyboard and monitor. If you work on a large corporate campus, you may be able to ask the facilities department to install a high shelf in the cube or office.

Try to stand up for as long as comfortably possible before returning to a seated position. You can take repeated cracks at it after sufficient rest periods. If possible, remove your shoes while standing to benefit from a barefoot experience.

Take Away:

Get creative in finding new ways to incorporate additional movement into your lifestyle.

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