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What Our Patients Say: "I did not believe that there was any validity or redeeming value to Chiropractic care"

Our patients are the lifeblood of our practice. Each one has a unique experience leading up to and during chiropractic care, and we want to share the different stories and experience our patients are having. The following is a story from one of our patients, Mark. Mark is from Andover, NJ and started coming to Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center when his previous Chiropractor stopped practicing. We hope you enjoy hearing Mark’s story in his own words!

“My Chiropractic journey started over twenty-five years ago. I will start by saying that I thought Chiropractic was akin to witchcraft. I did not believe that there was any validity or redeeming value to Chiropractic care. It was a science that I was not familiar with so I would dismiss it as a medical alternative. I would accompany my wife; let’s call her Laurie, on her journey through Chiropractic care. I would see how Laurie was contorted and asked to do things I thought were outrageous, by any standard of medical care.

Shortly after witnessing, what I thought was Voodoo medicine, I injured my back. I could barely move, and there was not enough pain medication to cure what ails me. After several weeks of prodding, Laurie convinced me to seek help from this doctor. Laurie knew how miserable I was and, quite frankly, tired of hearing me complain and doing nothing about it. I agreed to see this Chiropractor and had absolutely no reasonable belief of ever recovering from my back injury.

“After only a few months, I was a true believer in chiropractic care.”

My first appointment with this doctor was an evaluation, questions, and answers. I was iced down for, what seemed like an eternity, and sent home. I was reluctant to return, but Laurie made me go back. This was perhaps the most significant decision I have ever made. When do I improve, when do I start feeling better? Am I ever going to feel better? More witchcraft, as far as I was concerned. I had two appointments and yet to receive an adjustment. This Chiropractor had explained why I had not received an adjustment. He said that my body was not ready to receive the treatment. We all think that we know what’s best for our bodies, but I could not have been more wrong. I wanted an adjustment, and I wanted to start feeling better right away. I thought I knew my body better than any doctor. How many times have we said that in our lifetime?

I finally received my first adjustment. I did not feel any better, but I did not feel any worse. That was a big plus, as far as I was concerned. Within two weeks of intense treatments, I could walk upright without pain. I could get out of bed without looking like a turtle on his shell. For the first time in months, I felt normal again. My chiropractors explained why regular maintenance is important to maintaining optimum health. I still don’t fully understand the science, spinal cord, and nerve related pain/ damage and such. How all the nerves interact and regulate the bodily organs and senses. All I know is that it WORKS. More importantly, it works for me. I also believe that our remarkable healing power begins with one’s ability to accept that Chiropractic is medicine, real medicine. There is a physical and psychological connection to healing. Once I finally realized that Chiropractic incorporates both, I was hooked.

“I have been with Dr. Loewrigkeit for almost 10 years. Anyone who knows me knows that I would have left and never returned if not completely satisfied. Who could ask for more?”

Although I now believe in Chiropractic care, I could not settle with any one Chiropractor. Approximately ten years ago my wife started treatments with a new Chiropractor, Dr. Loewrigkeit. I knew nothing of this Chiropractor and was reluctant to see this doctor, yet, I am convinced that Chiropractic care is essential to my well-being. My only concern was finding a doctor with much of the same qualities as my previous Chiropractor. I was pleased right from my very first visit. The office staff was a genuinely concerned about my health and recovery, as is the doctor. We all make choices, some good, most not so good. Chiropractic is a GOOD choice, it works. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.”

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