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What Is Your Body Telling You?

Just like you weigh yourself regularly to make sure you maintain a healthy weight, it’s a good idea to monitor other systems in your body.
As ketones are a byproduct of fat metabolism, measuring their levels can provide insight into the level of inflammation in your body. You can do this through three different ways:

  1. Your urine using ketone strips (this method is not as accurate as others)
  2. Your breath using a device that plugs into your computer
  3. Your blood using a relatively inexpensive device called the Precision Xtra monitoring system

Using one of the tests can tell if your body is in ketosis and accessing more fat through your diet. Then the Maximum Aerobic Fitness (MAF) score is through your exercise. If you’re eating appropriately the ketone levels should be within range; if they’re not then there’s a problem, and you can start looking into other systems.

If your diet is inflammatory, that’s going to cause problems. You also could have problems with your hormone levels which is why you started with the gut healing to begin with.


If healing your gut doesn’t balance your hormones, the next step is looking at your adrenals. We offer a three-month nutrition protocol that targets these endocrine glands. The protocol includes herbal and glandular adaptogens. When the adrenals clear out the rest of the hormones will typically balance on their own.

To determine whether you are experiencing an issue with your hormones or adrenals, we would perform an exam, do a salivary cortisol test, have you complete a questionnaire and take your health history.

Chronic Infections

You want to check for chronic infections such as the varicella (chickenpox) virus or Epstein-Barr virus. Some of those viruses can cause a chronic inflammatory state in the body at which point your biochemistry is imbalanced.

Heavy Metal Toxicity or Environmental Toxins

These would be the areas you would troubleshoot through if your ketone levels were not where they are supposed to be.

Are You Exercising Too Much?

Generally, people exercise too much. We think the new attitude for exercise should be as follows: What’s the least amount of exercise that I can do and have it still be effective? People often exercise too much as they go to the calories in and calories out model. They work out too hard and push themselves up over their aerobic threshold into that black hole where they’re burning more sugar. That action causes sugar cravings which are usually the problem.

With our nutrition and fitness counseling we can help you enjoy better health. Contact us today!

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