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Three Indisputable Facts

The adventure you’re embarking on is not being supported by the news and media. So how can you be sure that it’s the right one?

Time to celebrate!

Get social with your health goals and extend invitations to friends and loved ones for an authentic home-cooked meal.

Host a potluck event where guests agree to bring primal food and homemade offerings. Share your newfound primal passions with others in an extremely inclusive, non-threatening way. This will help you build social support to help you stay on track with your goals. Crockpot dinners usually work best. Prepare a couple of quick and delicious sides, and you got game! If you don’t feel like entertaining, that’s okay. Treat yourself to a party of one with a special, elaborate primal meal… or celebrate with a significant other, or family.

Diet – Boycott Industrialized Food: Be reminded of the necessity to completely avoid eating at fast-food chains or any other processed or frozen meals from multinational food corporations-today, and for the duration of your 21-Day Metabolic Reset.

As a fun bonus activity, plant a few seeds in your backyard garden (or even in a new pot on your balcony if you are an apartment dweller), finding? healthy local or direct-order alternatives to mainstream sources, or perhaps selling off any holdings you may have in Nabisco, Nestle or McDonald’s!

Why Supplement?: For supplementation to be effective, you want to first eliminate the offending agents, then secondly, replenish the body with what it needs. The most offensive thing you can put into your body is man-made oils. These oils, Dr. Cate Shanahan, nutritional advisor to the LA Lakers, says is the metabolic equivalent of “eating radiation.

“Man-made oils are unstable under high temperatures. This means that in their natural state, aka when they are part of a plant or seed, their molecular structure is perfectly healthy for us. During the processing of such items, the plant or seed is heated to high temperatures and then chemically stripped from where it came. This process changes the oil to become a trans fatty acid in the bottle in which you buy. Healthy in the plant, bad in the bottle. These oils then become incorporated into the outer covering of our cells and are a primary cause for chronic systemic inflammation and hormone dysregulation.

Your “Restock Like Grok” handout will have a list of oils to use for cooking.

Take Away:

Begin the healing of your gut through supplementation. Be confident you’re making the right decision for your health.

Three Indisputable Facts | Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center