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The Key Most Often Missed

How does it all work? And what makes this different from other programs?

Step one in the process of weight loss and greater health is stabilizing your hormones and in particular, insulin. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas as a protective mechanism so your blood sugar doesn’t go too high, inducing a coma.

What you’ve been accustomed to is the “blood sugar roller coaster.” You eat something that spikes your blood sugar levels, insulin pours into your blood stream, driving the sugar below normal levels, triggering a sugar craving and the whole cycle starts all over again. our blood sugar goes up and down like a roller coaster. Snickers commercials poke fun at this with their “hanger” (hungry angry) references.

Insulin’s job is to clear your blood stream of sugar, turning food into fat. Through our lifestyles, if insulin is continually pouring into our blood stream it creates a gradient that locks fat into storage. This is counterproductive for our health and weight loss goals.

There is more than one reason for insulin to be secreted into your body.

Those reasons include:

1. eating foods with a high glycemic index (55 or above)
2. inflammation
3. exercising at too high of a level
4. getting too little sleep
5. stress
6. an imbalanced hormone system
7. chronic infections
8. heavy metal toxicity
9. black mold exposure

The first step in to better health and optimizing your body composition is moderating the insulin levels in your body. Our program is designed in such a way to pull back each layer of your lifestyle that might be causing excessive insulin production and address it so you can enjoy the best results possible in the shortest period of time.

Take Away:

Consume foods with a glycemic index of 55 or less to moderate insulin production and turn fat into food for your body.

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