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There is quite a bit of confusion with the role of supplements as it pertains to living a healthy lifestyle. Many people almost equate it to confession at church. As long as you’re taking your supplements, you’ll be saved from the unhealthy lifestyle choices you’ve made. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Supplements are called supplements for a reason. They’re suppose to supplement a healthy lifestyle, not replace it; otherwise, they’d be called replacements! For the purposes of our program, supplements are used to heal damaged systems in your body, starting with your gut. The gut is foundational to health, as we will discuss in a future email.

You may recall various stories on the news regarding the degree to which supplements can benefit your health. The industry, on the whole, is heavily unregulated, making it important to pick a reputable manufacturer for your products. We use only professional-grade, whole food vitamins. This means you’ll experience a greater affect in a shorter period of time with the most natural interactions possible with your body. The only problems would arise from you having a food allergy.

Some supplements you will need to take for a short period and then occasionally depending on our lifestyle, damage done and time of year. Others you’ll need to continue to take because of the dwindling quality of our food supply.

Take Away:

Heal the damaged systems in you body through supplementation. Supplements are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle.

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