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Reprogramming Your Mind

How much of your day is on auto-pilot?

Many times when I ask patients how their day was, they’ll answer with SSDD (you know, Same Stuff Different Day). So much of our day to day happenings have become wrought as we move through our lives as a matter of routine, rarely stopping to think about decisions we have to make. What happens when we’re presented with an issue that requires thought and we treat it like routine?

A key premise of marketing is if you say something often enough and loud enough it becomes believable: whether it’s true or not becomes irrelevant.

An affirmation is the background program running in your mind during the course of your day. It affects your decisions and ultimately the outcomes that will affect you, for better or for worse. If you have the wrong programming running for what you want to accomplish, you’ll never get there. So how do you put the right programming in place?

You’ve already helped create your affirmation as part of your original questionnaire. It now lives at the top of your journal pages. You’ll notice that the first statement is something you believe to be true and the second is a lie. As adults, we carry a lot of baggage and by repeating a series of sentences we don’t believe to be true, we can never have the desired affect on our subconscious.

By wrapping a lie with two truths, we unlock our subconscious and blur the line between truth and possibility.

Zig Ziglar says “you got to fake it before you can make it.” To become something different, you have to act as if you’re already there. Convincing your subconscious is going to take repetition and emotion. Every time you get into your car, you’re going to repeat your affirmation.

Assume a good posture. Push your butt to the back of the seat. Pull your feet in close. Pull your shoulder blades down and back. Think about being dramatic, like an actor or actress. And repeat your affirmation out loud with emotion and conviction. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds and will be an instrumental part of changing your beliefs.

Take Away:

Repeat your affirmation two to three times per day for maximum affect.

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