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Reduce Inflammation and Heal Your Gut

Did you know that, according to recent estimates, about 75% of Americans suffer from leaky gut? This syndrome can lead to hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease. As the gut layer is only one cell thick, it takes very little to irritate it.

With leaky gut, cells start coming apart, and our poop travels into the bloodstream. That means these undigested food particles that start floating around in our blood will begin attaching to various organs whose receptors are similar in shape to those undigested food particles. If you get enough of those undigested food particles on that organ, the body stops realizing that that’s the organ and starts attacking it. That’s when an autoimmune disease can develop.

A Prescription for Healing

Food to avoid
The first action to take when it comes to gut healing is eliminating or reducing three foods: man-made oils, sugar and grains.

Supplements to take
We recommend taking the following:

    • A high potency fish oil to heal the inflammation
    • Vitamin D supplements to balance out the hormones
    • A probiotic to replenish the good bacteria and establish a proper ratio of good-to-bad bacteria
    • A glutamine supplement—consider it like a finger in the dike to plug up the holes in the leaky gut

Balancing your Blood Chemistry

Many people try to lose weight by playing the calories in, calories out game. That’s unproductive as you want to balance the blood chemistry and optimize the hormones that would cause our body to burn fat. Cortisol is our fight-or-flight hormone that enables the response to happen. Our gut clears cortisol out of our system so the healthier our gut is, the quicker we can remove that hormone from our system.

How that relates to body weight optimization is that cortisol enables more sugar to be pumped through our bloodstream. Sugar causes disease so as quickly as we can get cortisol out of our body the quicker we can be losing weight. For women, in particular, it’s critical that they transition their food over a 6-8 hour period after eating. That’s because the longer that food is in your system, the more estrogen you’re absorbing from your intestinal tract. The more estrogen you’re absorbing, the more prone you are to things like female type cancers.

If you’d like more information about how we can help you heal your gut, book an appointment today!

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