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Nurture An Attitude Of Gratitude

Stress causes inflammation, hormone imbalances and disease. You may have heard, “where your focus goes, your energy flows.” And what you focus on, you attract. As an example if you were to drive down the road and you saw a pothole up ahead, what would you be thinking? “Don’t hit the pothole, don’t hit the pothole.”

But what did you just do? You hit the pothole!

When you think about managing your stress, you attract more stress into your life.

Like two sides of a coin, one of the emotions that is the anti-stress is gratitude. If you fill yourself up with gratitude every day, you won’t have time to be stressed.

The two most important times of the day that set the tone for the day are the 20 minutes before you fall asleep and the 20 minutes after you wake. Twenty minutes before you fall asleep, write down five things in your journal that were unique to today that you were grateful for. Now that you have those things in your mind, close your eyes and visualize those events until you can feel those feelings of gratitude all over again.

Neuroplasticity is a fancy way of saying “practice makes perfect.” The reason this happens is the connections between the nerves in your brain. One nerve cell is connected to, literally, thousands of other nerves. Which, in turn, is connected to thousands of other nerves. The more times a nerve fires to the nerve next to it, the more connections it makes with that nerve. The more connections, the more likely the nerve will fire to that nerve. This is how a habit is formed.

You can rewire your brain to experience the habit of gratitude simply by practicing gratitude.

The more grateful you are the less stressed you’ll be, the more stable your hormones will be and your body will be able to easily turn fat into food for your body.

Take Away:

Make time to write five entries into your journal and visualize the days events to practice the feelings of gratitude, the anti-stress.

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