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Mastering The Carbohydrate Curve

The purpose of mastering the carbohydrate curve is to ease your body into a state of fat burning. As a sugar burner, you require 150 g of sugar per day for your body to carry out its normal bodily functions. The average person consumes 225 g to 325 g of carbohydrates per day, as a point of reference. After reaching adulthood, the average American gains 1 to 2 pounds of body weight per year and loses a half-pound of muscle.

What happens to the carbohydrates the body doesn’t use?

They go into fat storage.

Restrict your carbohydrates too much, too quickly and you trigger a keto flu causing people to second guess their choice. Consuming 100 to 150 g per day will allow your body to transition into ketosis (aka fat burning) without triggering any flue like symptoms.

To have the least amount of impact on your beneficial body composition, it’s important to achieve ketosis before proceeding through the additional steps of our program.

Take Away:

You require far fewer carbohydrates than what the average American is aware. Carb intake affects insulin levels in your body and will ultimately determine if you gain or lose body fat.

Mastering The Carbohydrate Curve | Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center