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Filling Your Reservoir

Think about your attempts to be healthy and fit in the past. When was it that you fell off your horse? If you’re like most people, the end of the day is the most challenging to resist that super sweet morsel that’s been calling to you all day.

Every morning when you wake, your brain allocates a certain amount of energy to will power. Your experience of the day, namely the little things that drive you crazy, sucks small amounts of energy from your will power reservoir. By day’s end, your reservoir has dried up and now you are susceptible to the temptations you were able to resist earlier.

Increase your will power reservoir by adopting a “do it now” attitude. If something that’s been driving you crazy takes five minutes or less to fix, do it now. The light bulb that needs to be changed, the smudge on the wall that needs to be wiped or the garbage under the sink that needs to be emptied.

Removing these energy suckers will raise your will power and increase your resolve for achieving your goals.

Take Away:

Goal to eliminate one five minute task that’s an energy sucker every day to increase your will power reserves.

Filling Your Reservoir | Sparta Chiropractic and Wellness Center