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3 Keys to Living a Healthier Lifestyle

My wife, a night shift nurse, was having heart issues where her heart rate was going just over 38 beats per minute. She had seen four different cardiologists in a two-year period. They all had something different to say. One said she needed surgery and another said the problem would go away on its own. The other two thought it might be her diet, so we started looking into various diets.

We found one that works—the Keto-Paleo diet, which restricts sugar and grains. I like to consider it a healthier version of the Atkins diet. Within two months of following the diet, my wife’s heart rate returned to normal and she is enjoying improved function and a better quality of life.

Diet, exercise and stress management are all ways you can enjoy optimal health like my wife is experiencing. Let’s take a look at each one:

1. Change Your Diet


The most potent thing you can do to reduce inflammation is to change your diet. If you consume too much sugar, your hormones will be out of whack. As your insulin spikes and crashes you want to change the source of energy that your body is gathering energy from. By moving away from a sugar-based diet, which is highly pollutive to the body, and toward fat you could reduce your risk for a range of conditions: heart disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s. These all can result when the body is in a sugar-burning state.

By reducing or eliminating sugar and grains and adding more proteins, vegetables and healthy fats into your diet, you can enjoy better health.


2. Get Moving

While it’s important to exercise each day the way you exercise is essential. Fat will only burn in your body when oxygen is present. So when you’re working out at a level where you’re breathless and sucking wind, you don’t have enough oxygen. As a result, your body will naturally start burning sugar more instead of the fat.

3. De-stress


Managing stress is not only essential for your emotional well-being but your physical health too. Stress manifests itself in a variety of ways, including pain. Eating healthily, exercising, getting sufficient sleep, taking time to relax and balancing your hormone levels all can help you keep stress at bay.

Regular chiropractic care also can help to reduce pain and inflammation and help you enjoy overall better health.

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